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On the website Dosug161 various erotic services are offered. If you want not just to enjoy, but also to receive the procedure weakening or invigorating useful to health, order acupressure in Rostov. Indvidual, whose questionnaires you see here, work professionally. For impact on a body since ancient times the known methods of pointed massaging experience and special knowledge, skills is necessary. With our help you will find the prostitute who has all necessary that you gained desirable effect and true pleasure.


Our Internet service will help you to pick up the masseur for high-quality rest by a body, full sexual satisfaction. Beauties of a different type will please you with the appearance, gentle and skilled handles, and also all the abilities of women of easy virtue. There is nothing shameful in using services of the representative of the most ancient profession. No changes, progress, new service will eradicate the desires of carnal love and corporal pleasures put by the nature.


Acupressure and not only


Since ancient times in the east and in Asia the system of the pointed, massing impact on an organism was developed. The procedure for the different purposes. It both relaxation, and immunity stimulation, and medical effect of various diseases. Of course, it is possible to go to the expert with the medical diploma to receive therapeutic advantage of massage. But present that after the pleasant weakening touches your body will want bigger? It is the best of all to combine advantage and sexual pleasure, having called the girl interested to give to the client pleasure so that he wanted to come to her again!


Advantages of acupressure from the local prostitute


  • The individual with skills of the masseur knows all 365 vital points and is able to send to energy of "yin" and "янь" to the necessary course.
  • The used receptions: in the correct rhythm, with the necessary pressure stroking, the rotary and vibrating movements - very pleasant and very useful.
  • Pros of erotic services will skillfully pass from massage tactics to excitingly - sexual.
  • The girl can be chosen on the taste - you look at a photo (these are not fakes, but real delights!).


The prostitute will arrive to you (to any address that you will specify), or you in the stipulated time and the place will arrive to a meeting. All necessary for high-quality massage is available for the girl. The corresponding surroundings for a full relaxation and excellent emotions are guaranteed. The woman of easy virtue will hold a session of pointed impact on your body, and then will smoothly pass to intimate games. The professional "feels" the client. Everything will be as you want!